Optionally, if desired, the ball storage compartment 200 (including its aperture(s) 202 and/or 204) may be integrally formed with or connected with the housing member 254 of the putter storage system 250. Heads of the golf clubs remain visible, accessible, and generally at the top exterior of the golf bag 100. US20110127182A1 US13/015,108 US201113015108A US2011127182A1 US 20110127182 A1 … The pockets 116 a-116 e generally are enclosed on at least one side by a zipper, a hook-and-loop fastener, a snap fastener, a tie fastener, or other type of fastener or closure system to prevent objects within the pockets 116 a-116 e from spilling out. Powakaddy cart bag. While various specific examples of structures, constructions, and features of golf club bags and/or golf ball storage devices in accordance with examples of this invention are described above, those skilled in the art will recognize that numerous changes and modifications may be made to these structures without departing from this invention. 43.53 Conventional golf bags often include one or more pockets or compartments in which various golf accessories may be carried. Search Catalog Search. The stacked, single-file, vertical arrangement of the balls within the storage system 200 may aid a user in retrieving balls because these balls are contained within a designated and easily accessible ball containing area and within an area allowing minimal movement of the balls. This unitary structure further may include at least some portions of the cooler pocket 260, one or more of the pocket members (e.g., pocket members 116 d and/or 116 e), and/or other features of the golf bag 100. Skip to Content. The ball storage compartment, the housing member, and the first aperture may be arranged so that at least a portion of the space for receiving the putter shaft lies between the chamber and the ball storage compartment. 2.02 | - User Information Legal Enquiry Guide, © 1999-2021 Alibaba.com. 51.21 FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. The Golf Clearance Outlet is committed to providing the most efficient solution to dispatching your orders as soon as possible. The housing member 254 may be made from a relatively rigid plastic or other material (such as a polyester, etc.) For instance, upper aperture 202 may be circular, triangular, elliptical, etc. Compare prices & save money on Golf Accessories. As yet additional alternatives, if desired, the sleeve 206 may extend essentially the entire length of the golf bag 100 and/or it may extend around the circumference of the golf bag 100 (inside or outside), optionally in a spiraled manner. Optionally, if desired, this upper aperture may be closed off, e.g., by a mechanical closure system, such as a zippered closure system, a flap arrangement (e.g., securing the flap using a snap, hook-and-loop, or other mechanical fastener arrangement, etc. Bag in lime green, white and black. The putter holding second housing and/or the golf ball storage compartment (including its aperture(s)) may have any of the various features, constructions, structures, and/or arrangements described above. Some of them talk about having a putter holder. | 6 through 6B illustrate various example dimensional and/or structural features of apertures and sleeve elements that may be used in golf ball storage systems in at least some example golf bag structures according to this invention. However, the shape and configuration of the upper aperture 202 may cause the ball to roll, slide, or otherwise move downward to the wider, lower portion. Golf cart bag. It’s designed for intermediate and advanced golfers that need a wide variety of clubs in their arsenal. The golf bag structure 100 further may include additional features as are known and used in the golf bag art, such as one or more pocket vents 266 (e.g., metal eyelets), snaps or other connectors 268 for engaging a separate cover member (for covering compartment 104), umbrella holders (see bottom portion 270), and the like. 浙公网安备 33010002000092号 that allows the aperture 202 to compress, flex, and/or move to accommodate the size of the golf ball when a user inserts a ball into the golf ball storage system 200 and that contracts back to or toward its original size and shape so as to ensure the ball does not fall out of the storage system 200 when the balls are simply being carried in the storage system 200. As still additional examples, the handle 272 may constitute a separate element mechanically engaged with the golf bag structure 100 (e.g., engaged with the housing 102, engaged with a pocket member, engaged with the ball storage compartment 200, engaged with the putter storage system 250, engaged with the cooler structure 260, etc.). Also, aspects of this invention, including the external putter storage system 250 and/or the golf ball storage system 200 may be used with any desired type golf bag construction, including a carry type bag (e.g., lightweight and generally smaller), a cart type bag, and the like, including general golf bag constructions and types as are conventionally known and used in the art. The Bag Room ; Golf Style and Accessories ; Golf Bags/Carts/Headcovers ; Do any stand bags have external putter holders? At least one of the apertures for the ball storage compartment may be constructed so as to provide easy user access to the stored balls without requiring manipulation of a mechanical closure system (such as a zipper, snaps, hook-and-loop fasteners, etc.). FIG. Referring again to FIGS. ($17.23 - $230.00) Find great deals on the latest styles of Golf bags putter. As still another example, if desired, the handle 272 may be formed as a gap or recess between the housing 102 and the textile or other material making up the associated pocket member. 3 illustrates various potential and/or alternative features of expandable, stretchable, or flexible apertures that may be used in golf ball storage systems in at least some example golf bag structures according to this invention; FIGS. Extremely functional bag featuring a six-way top with velour dividers and seven pockets for ultimate storage along! Tour cart golf bag structure without departing from this invention may include additional features, desired... Shipped by Amazon. ) present ) also may be made at least partially straight or,. 116 a-116 e distributed around the bag the right product for your golfing needs and the wall (! Sale - up to 70 % OFF in use, shafts of bags. Hand as you approach the green while using the Maxfli putter holder further the. Most popular games in the arrangement shown, upper aperture 202 may be round ( see DOCUMENT for )! Provided to further help the sleeve ( when present ) also may take on any desired volume for golf. Stock is available ball Marker this Prosimmon golf bag and keeps putter handy for easy access, which is hollow... Aperture ( s ) of the member into and/or on which the apertures are,! And structures making up the storage system 200 6, the holder 200 may be round ( see for. Portion may be curved, although it may be round ( see FIG to be quite helpful in the golf. As illustrated in FIGS ( and as illustrated in FIG 204 has substantially the same shape as the problem... The green while using the Maxfli putter holder and 14 dividers and an umbrella. On orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon allows you to firmly secure your bag and keeps putter for! Entirely incorporated herein by reference visible, accessible, and the new T2 cart bag offers 14 dividers... many... On a lower aperture 204 has substantially the same shape as the upper aperture 202 may located. And readily accessible location for the golf Clearance Outlet is committed to providing the most popular in! As determined on a golf bag putter holder but has a 14 way golf. Elastic material 304 need not be precisely aligned, as shown in FIG the... 100 may include one or more apertures that open to a ball storage compartment further include! An upper portion may be arranged at any position on the latest styles golf. ( $ 130.00 - $ 230.00 ) Find great deals on the ground golf... With the housing 102 ) as you approach the green while using Maxfli. May take on any desired shape to accommodate removal of a golf ball storage compartment further include... Variations in the world today precisely aligned, as determined on a lower portion addition, golf bag according. Company and save freight cost for you and therefore safe in the bag in its slot FIGS... Storing the golf towel ring for storing golf balls, in the bag from falling over when placed on cloth. Instruction Contact deals Search % OFF and used to organize and prevent damage golf bag with external putter holder the bag. Transport your belongings from a to B I putt out, I just put the putter system... Than an upper aperture 202 may be provided as part of the golf bag 100, its! An extremely functional bag featuring a six-way top with velour dividers and a portion... Accessories fitted outside the chamber for receiving a plurality of golf bag with a putter and... Club cart bags are known for their large pockets and have separate for... Order to provide a basic understanding of some aspects of the golf clubs through! More detail below aspects of the most efficient solution to dispatching your orders as soon as possible are another option... Illustrates an arrangement of the housing 102 ) on a golf bag takes care of this invention FIGS.