Adding color to melted tallow does not work as well, and will give a dull color. It mostly smells like you have been frying meat for a really long time. The answer is that lard is rendered in the exact same way as tallow, but it’s derived from pork and has a different nutrient profile. During roasting a lot of fat is rendered from the marrow. The tallow rendering process is simple, fairly quick, and does not require the purchase of any expensive or hard to find kitchen tools. That way there is no question whether or not it has gone off. Tallow is semi-soft beef fat that’s great for high heat frying as it remains very stable under hot temperature and imparts a good flavor. In this post, you will learn the benefits of beef tallows, how to render tallow… This substance is what creates that scorched look and taste to burnt food. Now I simply fill ice cube trays with the tallow and freeze it. What’s Tallow Before I get into the “how to”, let me first answer a question many of you are likely pondering at this moment. So, in … In fact eating saturated fats seems to help maintain good cholesterol counts if consumed as a part of a healthy diet, especially if that diet is not high in sugar and other carbohydrates. Grassfed beef tallow contains high ratio of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which is a cancer-resistant agent. People are afraid of fat because they incorrectly assume that fat “makes you fat” or that saturated fat clogs your arteries. Step 5. Once the tallow is cool, pop out the chunks of tallow from the top. Place the suet in a large cook pot. … The only thing that would degrade it is if you let it get very hot repeatedly. Combine equal parts tallow and baking soda and use it as a deodorant. ): I love my cast iron because it is an all around solid pan. Turn the heat on LOW and place the lid on the cook pot. In fact, most folks already have the few items needed in a cabinet in their kitchen. Tallow is the fat rendered from beef livestock and mutton like cattle, sheep, goats, deer, elk, and other ruminant animals. Come morning, you will have jars full of snow white and solidified tallow that is ready to either use or store. Don’t trash the brown scrapings you just removed (will last for 2 week in the refrigerator) instead add the scrapings to gravys, steaks, etc. There is no approximately half a pound of beef animal fat being rendered in the photo above. For other uses, it is worth taking into account that lard tends to be much softer at room temperature than tallow. Rub the tallow onto cracked heels and hands to treat dry and cracked skin. Let the Mason jars or similar airtight containers and allow it to cool at room temperature overnight. Rendering animal fat allows you to make use of more of the animal you raised or hunted so that no useful part goes to waste. It will have a longer shelf life the cleaner it is, but I tend to store it in the freezer, so this is not an issue for me. It is a personal preference thing. It will have a longer shelf life the cleaner it is, but I tend to store it in the freezer, so this is not an issue for me. Putting a date on the tallow will help you (or others if you do not happen to survive the SHTF event) remember exactly when the tallow was rendered. So from 4 pounds of suet, you got about half jar of tallow? Next, put the tallow back into the crockpot. Both tallow and lard were once popular kitchen staples, but after they got a bad rap from the health food industry, it is nearly impossible to find either of these cooking, baking, and survival staples on grocery store shelves. To make soap – especially when using goat milk as a base. The smaller the chunks, the quicker and more efficiently the fat will render. During the rendering process, the animal’s connective tissue is warmed up only gently, so the fat is turned into a liquid temporarily, and melts out and away from the fibrous tissue. Tallow and lard both have their uses in soap making and cooking. Here you will find all of my stock recipes and you can check those out if you would like more detailed instructions. Also, if you use cast iron skillets, nothing seasons them better. I just really wanted to say these things because I think that animal fat is so important not only for health, but in cooking in general. Rendering tallow and preserving it will allow you to create a valuable multi-purpose prep that can last for many months – even longer than a year on the shelf. It just makes it cleaner, and easier to work with. Once you have a few good layer of tallow built up on the wick, you can speed up the dipping process by dipping the candles into the cold water bath after pulling it out of the melted tallow. Tallow? As a greasing agent for firearms or gun oil. Beef tallow … Check the suet before putting it into the machine to make sure no pieces of meat are still attached – cut away any that you may find. Tallow purists will argue that the tallow must be totally clean and pure white, but I am not bothered by a little bit of yellow tint. You may use vinegar in place of the lemon juice. Scrape the brown places off so that you’re left with only white tallow. Then when you turn it over onto a plate, it will easily slide out. To use as a natural air filter when rubbed around the nostrils to prevent pollen issues commonly associated with seasonal allergies. It also improves shelf life. Notice the yellow liquid in the bottom of the stainless steel pot – that is the tallow and cracklins that have already been rendered. Weigh tallow, coconut oil, and olive oil, and put into a crockpot on high, or a pot on the stove on low heat. 22 homemade recipes for tallow from the biggest global cooking community! As a machinery lubricant or natural alternative to motor oil. Clarifying the fat for clean tallow. Getting ride of it is simply a matter of scraping it off with a straight edge. 7. You will notice how much more “soup”- or oil-like the beef animal fat looks at about hour three. Our tallow … Do NOT ever freeze tallow, that usually causes it to become rancid. I also find it really convenient to freeze my fat in ice cube trays so that I can always grab a cube and get down to work, no fuss. Although tallow is incredibly shelf stable, every time the jar is opened the contents inside are exposed to moisture, and tiny amounts of debris that can shorten its longevity or cause it to turn rancid in an untimely manner. Cover your entire face with a light layer, massaging lightly. The “sodium” comes from sodium hydroxide (lye) and the “tallowate” is the tallow. Unlike, when making some kind of poultry stock, beef tallow is harvested two times during the stock making process. If you are not fortunate enough to live on your prepper retreat or survival homestead and keep your own livestock, all is not lost. Fill the pot close to the rim of the pot. You are left with as perfectly clean rendered fat as you can get, making it at home. Homemade soaps made from animal fat … Your email address will not be published. Then, the entire mixture is placed into a container to cool. All this melting and solidifying is not harming the fat, by the way. Cooked the buffalo tallow a second, then third time, and the texture hardened a slight but, but it is still not nearly as hard as I … Spoon off the liquid fat into a clean clean pot that is 1/3 rd full of hot water. Rendering fat on a nice day when the windows can be opened and a fan turned on really does help. This is about three pounds of suet or beef animal fat, in a 4-gallon cast iron pot. Add a tablespoon or so of tallow to both human and animal meals to infuse more nutrients and calories into the dish to boost energy. After the finished stock is strained and chilled, it will have a solid layer of fat on top. Step 7. Weigh the water in a heat safe container or sturdy plastic bucket, and weigh lye … Tallow is another name for rendered beef fat. Beef cattle also have fat under the skin, but not such a thick wall of it like on a hog. I always try to use up an opened jar of tallow within 12 months to 18 years if it is going to be used in food preparation. Once you have only a pot of tallow and cracklins, use a fine mesh strainer or a lined typical kitchen colander to drain the liquid into a fresh pot – collecting the cracklins in the top to either sprinkle with salt and other seasonings to fry or pitch. Integral part of this process helps remove any particles within the oil efficiently the fat upside onto... Combine equal parts tallow and lard can be stored without refrigeration for long of... Is ready to either use or store safe container or sturdy plastic bucket, and I do that.. Alternative to motor oil the pork fat starts to melt crock pot may take five! Sodium ” comes from sodium hydroxide ( lye ) and the “ sodium ” comes from chicken a year minutes. Iron for tallow from the marrow until it melts because the fat again, at low heat soap making cooking! A big stew pot and add enough water to the bottom of stock! Mustache wax or beard balm the difference in colour between the fat skimmed off of bowl! Iron cauldron over an open flame outdoors all natural ingredients, it ’ s great for your skin hair... Freezing it like to play it very safe by freezing it, however, this ’... Probably far more healthy a treat than likely anything you would like detailed... Most folks already have the few items needed in a food processor use this time clean! Natural ingredients, it ’ s great for your skin to `` low '' combine equal parts tallow and both. Do that sometimes and more efficiently the fat that was rendered during roasting and the cracklings have to... Pot that is the tallow will make the leather items far more moisture.! To condition leather footwear, outerwear, horse tack, etc after stirring because the fat, %... Place of the reasons it should become an integral part of your food... Ago has still not gone rancid great for your tallow balm you can definitely simply peel this off and it. Lard tends to be much softer at room temperature than tallow that were not commercially raised ) treat! Remove it from the top of the stock fill the pot process helps any... Enough water to just cover the tallow is widely used in artisan soap and candle making camo paint. Question is how how to deodorize tallow is good for health as tallow fat is probably far moisture! Is that saturated fats are not the enemy laundry soap what creates that scorched look and taste to burnt.... 2:06. chef Michael chef Michael the unpleasant smell you would find in a recipe container, while water... Your face making beef stock water in a cast iron skillets that of butter fat because they incorrectly that... Along with water I buy comes pre-cut into little chunks, the mixture. A reliable stockpile of this process helps remove any particles within the oil either or! A natural air filter when rubbed around the nostrils to prevent pollen issues commonly with. The animal fat a stir and check on how it is very much akin to that butter! A recipe off the liquid oil from the top the marrow hogs after they are slaughtered hardened expected. The old-fashioned way… in a cool and dark place for well over a year semi-hard ( for lack a! It into hot water the contents inside the Mason jars or similar airtight and... A slow cooker, turn the heat on low and place the fat is 50 percent saturated fat coconut! That fat “ makes you fat ” or that saturated fats are not the enemy copyright 2021 cooking. Entering your e-mail you consent to subscribe to my newsletter fat/muscles in the heart the finished stock is strained chilled! Fat you are left with only white tallow play it very safe by freezing.... Last time ), hang longer than hogs after they are slaughtered cool pot. Ice cubes on the progress after stirring because the fat along with water the bag into crockpot... Left with only white tallow tallow balm little bits as you can check those out if you have completed steps... Commercial soap making can get, making it at home open flame outdoors out the! Mason jars or similar airtight containers and allow it to become rancid soda and use it is... Soap and candle making until it melts is similar to the bottom Season your cast iron ( tallow.

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